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◆ First Penguin's Custom-made School Programme (For Chung Ling High School)  "驱动现在・开启未来" ("Seize The Present, Unlock The Future") Graduation Ceremony (27 June 2015) 

Kwong Wah Daily 光华日报, 28 June 2015

Guang Ming Daily 光明日报, 28 June 2015
Sin Chew Daily 星洲日报, 28 June 2015

◆ First Penguin's Custom-made School Programme (For Chung Ling High School) "驱动现在・开启未来" (Seize The Present, Unlock The Future

Kwong Wah Daily 光华日报, 23 June 2015

Guang Ming Daily 光明日报, 25 June 2015

◆ Radio Interview Series @ Melody FM 十方斌管 - 斌纷一家 (in Mandarin) Regarding Youth Career Development   [April - June 2014]

First Penguin Founder & Director Dr Wong Lai Yong shared on life/career planning of Youth based on her qualification (Japan) as a Career Development Advisor (CDA)  [Note: Access the link for the interview transcript]

11 April 2014 & 18 April 2014: 青少年的学习和生涯规划: 这个时代为什么还要学习,学习的意义在哪里?

6 June 2014: 规划课题:日本的生涯规划有什么值得我们学生学习的地方?

13 June 2014: 规划课题:日本的生涯规划有什么值得我们学生学习的地方?

◆ First Penguin's Custom-made School Programme "蓝图里的红心" Effective Presentation (14 March 2015)

Guang Ming Daily 光明日报, 15 March 2015

Kwong Wah Daily 光华日报, 16 March 2015

◆ Kwong Wah Daily (光华日报), 20 November 2014 (Thur)

First Penguin's Founder & Director, Dr. Wong Lai Yong (黄丽容博士) delivered a parenting talk.
Kwong Wah Daily 光华日报, 20 November 2014
Kwong Wah Daily 光华日报, 7 November 2014

 Magazine "愛上檳城" "Love Penang" (02.2014)

First Penguin's Founder & Director Dr Wong Lai Yong was featured in the magazine 愛上檳城 Love Penang (02 2014) on her passion in contributing back to her home country, esp. her home town Penang after accumulated knowledge & experiences in Japan for 16 years. Accompanied in the interview were team members Choong Jian Ming & Joey Lim! 

◆  "微笑启航" Sept 2014 (PCGHS magazine)

First Penguin's Founder & Director Dr Wong Lai Yong was featured in the half yearly magazine 微笑启航 of Penang Chinese Girls' High School (PCGHS) 槟华女子国民型中学 to all students, in the column 达人专访. She was interviewed as a Social Entrepreneur 社会企业家 and what does this means, why and how she landed as a Social Entrepreneur and what does she do. She mentioned much about her passion in organizing "Who Am I?" youth camps to inspire the youth on the importance of self awareness too.

◆ MUTIARA BULLETIN 16-31, July 2014

First Penguin's Founder & Director, Dr. Wong Lai Yong (黄丽容博士) was one of the facilitators in Lean In @ Penang workshop organised by Penang Women Development Corporation (PWDC) on 3 July 2014.

◆ Kwong Wah Daily (光华日报), 22 May 2014

"Who Am I?" Public Youth Camp by First Penguin.

 Kwong Wah Daily (光华日报), 8 March 2014

First Penguin's Founder & Director Dr. Wong Lai Yong was Interviewed in conjunction with International Women's Day, 2014.

◆ Oriental Daily News (东方日报) ,  21 December 2013

First Penguin's Founder & Director, Dr. Wong Lai Yong emphasized on the Importance of having life directions.

 Kwong Wah Daily (光华日报), 12 December 2013 

First Penguin's Founder & Director Dr. Wong Lai Yong Motivational talk 路要自己走 (Walk Your Path) at Penang Chinese Girls' Private High School 槟城槟华女子独立中学 (槟华独中) was reported by a student in 光華日報 Kwong Wah Daily (Malaysia) "飞跃校园" column.

 Oriental Daily News (东方日报), 3 December 2013

Interview on First Penguin's Founder & Directors' background, what lead her in setting up First Penguin and her vision of First Penguin.

Note: There were several discrepancies in the article. Lai Yong's Chinese name is 黄丽容 instead of 黄丽蓉。She did her MBA in Keio University Japan not University Malaya. Her initial plan was operating kindergarten in Malaysia but not after school care. The "real" CSR & her reasons for further her study to Japan mentioned by Lai Yong in the interview were misinterpreted! She envisioned a world of equality and those from developing countries (including migrant workers) are respected instead of developing country "chased up to the standard" of developed countries.

◆ Kwong Wah Daily (光华日报), 1 November 2013

The Founder & Director of First Penguin, Dr. Wong Lai Yong (黄丽容博士) not only shared her passion and her dream on walking her path but also used a dialogue method to stimulate students to realize external attainment might not be permanent but wisdom and internal values will enhance them to lead a meaningful and fulfilled life.
Kwong Wah Daily (光华日报), 1 November 2013

◆ MUTIARA BULLETIN 1-15, November 2013

First Penguin's Founder & Director, Dr. Wong Lai Yong (黄丽容博士) designed and facilitated Lean In @ Penang workshop organised by Penang Women Development Corporation (PWDC) on 29 October 2013.

 Graduation Yearbook 2013 of Penang Chinese Girls' Private High School 槟城槟华女子独立中学 (槟华独中) 

First Penguin's Founder & Director encourages students to have a clear positioning and direction in life, to have dream and accept challenge courageously. She also reminds students to have a sense of gratitude and do not undermine their social responsibility!

Cover of Graduation Yearbook 2013 of Penang Chinese Girls' Private High School 槟华独中

Message in Graduation Yearbook 2013 of Penang Chinese Girls' Private High School 槟华独中

◆ Motivational talk "Time Management" at Perak Girls Secondary SchoolIpoh, Malaysia, 10 June 2013

东方日報  Oriental Daily News, 11 June 2013
南洋商報  Nanyang Business Ddaily, 11 June 2013

中国報 China Press, 11 June 2013       
星洲日報 Sin Chew Daily, 11 June 2013

◆ Japan Malaysia Association (JMA)'s newsletter Vol.1, 2013(公益社団法人 日本マレーシア協会 会報誌 Vol.1, 平成25年1月15日発行), p.8  

The article delivered the message that while Malaysia strives to achieve a developed nation status by 2020, improving the QOL (Quality of Life) in a sustainable manner should not be overlooked!

◆ Course description (2013 Intake) for Diploma of Facilitation in International    Development Education of Takushoku University (Japan)  -  January 2013  

◆ The Rotary-No-Tomo January 2013 Vol. 61 No.1(ロータリーの友 1月号第61巻 第1号  平成25年1月1日発行) 

Lai Yong delivered the message for fulfilling her promise to her late counselor (she was an ex-scholar of Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation), she set up First Penguin with the ultimate aim of increasing those involves in solving developing countries' pressing issues through delivering social impact by inspiring individuals to optimize personal growth and social responsibility. 


◆ Rotary Club (Yokohama Izumi) Newsletter No 1001

Report on First Penguin's Founder & Director, Dr. Wong Lai Yong (黄丽容博士) talk entitled “My Career and Life Vision” on 30 November 2012 at Yokohama, Japan. 

 Guang Ming Daily (光明日报), 25 October 2012 

Motivational talk “It's not My Responsibility?!” at Penang Chinese Girls' Primary School, Penang, Malaysia on 23 October 2012, First Penguin's Founder & Director, Dr. Wong Lai Yong (黄丽容博士) used dialogue method to encourage students to take own responsibility but not blame others when things go wrong.

光明日報  Guang Ming Daily (Malaysia), 25 Oct 2012

 Motivational talk "Be CEOs in Your Lives" at Penang Chinese Girls Union, Penang, Malaysia, 21 October 2012

The main theme was promoting the importance of early life planning to achieve happiness and fulfilled life. The audiences ranged from parents, educators to youth.

Kwong Wah Daily  (Malaysia) 光華日報 , 23 October 2012
Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia) 星洲日報 , 23 October 2012
Guang Ming Daily (Malaysia) 光明日報 , 22 Oct 2012

Kwong Wah Daily  (Malaysia) 光華日報, 20 October 2012 
 Guang Ming Daily (Malaysia) 光明日報 , 20 Oct 2012 

◆ Yokohama Business Review Vol.33 No.3 December 2012 The Memorial Issue for the Late Professor Hiroshi MOGAKI (横浜経営研究 第33巻 第3号 2012年12月 茂垣広志先生追悼号)

Lai Yong's memorial article for her PhD dissertation supervisor, the late Prof. Hiroshi Mogaki (茂垣広志教授).  While expressing gratitude to her respectable supervisor, she too pointed out her regret that Japanese corporations seem still struggle for the so-called "global talent". She strives to play her part too since her PhD research was related to International Management of Japanese Corporations!

◆ Japan Graduates' Association of Malaysia (JAGAM) Northern Region 30th Anniversary 2012 Magazine(マレーシア元留日学生協会(北支部)創立30周年記念特集) Japanese version (p.81-83); English version (p.93-94) 

From her real life experiences in Japan, she highlighted being passionate in what you are doing leads to a meaningful fulfilled life!

◆ The Star (Malaysia) - 15 January 2012 

First Penguin's Founder & Director Dr. Wong Lai Yong shared about her opinion regarding Malaysian professionals living overseas.

◆ 東方日報 (Oriental Daily News, Malaysia)   -   24 November 2011  

First Penguin's Founder & Director Dr. Wong Lai Yong shared about ongoing relief efforts in Tohoku area, Japan then.

◆ The Star (Malaysia) - 3 January 2011

Malaysian Abroad - personal interview regarding Lai Yong's personal profile and future plans)

◆ Oriental Daily News (東方日報 )   -   10 January 2007 

Regarding Founder & Director, Lai Yong's professional knowledge & experience on Early Childhood Education in Japan. Introduction for Lai Yong's column on Early Childhood & Youth Development in Japan (Jan 2007-June 2009)