[Youth Camp]  - by Aldric Goh, 15 years old 

If you think that you know pretty much about yourself, I bet you'll change that idea after attending First Penguin's course. First Penguin really changed our perspective of life, and also gave us the materials, and wisdom to pave the road to our bright future. For once, I never felt bored in participating in a motivation camp. Really so different than others! Others just talk all day and at the end of the day you basically walk home with nothing, but I guarantee you, participating First Penguin's camp will really bring home loads of wisdom and you'll wish that you have another brain just to fit in the things they teach.

I did an experiment. As a matter of fact, I have participated in First Penguin's course for 3 times already, and it never seem's to stop impressing me. In every experiment, you have conclusions, and I made 5 in this experiment

1) The camp is awesome and i made tons of friend from everywhere (Obviously)

2) First Penguin doesn't just teach us knowledge, but something far more valuable than that, WISDOM. Knowledge may be obsolete in time, but wisdom however, can be used anytime, anywhere.

3) It improves. Unlike other camps, they just stay the same way after a billion times, but First Penguin camps, they always make you learn something more.

4) You really feel close to home in that camp. Everyone is just so friendly that you wish you can stay longer with them.

5) FUN everywhere! If you feel bored in the camp, i suggest you to quickly find a doctor to repair your damaged brain cells.

If you think I'm exaggerating, then try it for yourselves. I bet you'll find every single thing I said was true.


Note:  Taken from First Penguin's Facebook page "Review"


[Youth Camp]  - by Lim Swee Xiang, 17 years old

感谢所有faci精心准备的一切,让我学会了许许多多对于以前的我很模糊的东西,让我对这些知识更加清晰,这些都能让我用在任何事上,真心感谢first penguin所筹划的一切,感恩~

Note:  Taken from First Penguin's Facebook page "Review"


[Youth Camp]  - by Waywen Loh Chang Yuan, 15 years old

I've attended the "Seize the Present, Unlock the Future" course. And I felt that the letters wasn't really all the things I wanted to say, because I really had lack of time in preparing it. So allow me to post my "essay" here. Hehe. First Penguin is really a unique organisation. It's not the first time I attended courses, and of course not the first time for motivation courses as well. But First Penguin makes the course in such a different and special way. All the activities aren't taken from anywhere, there are all made by their own minds, and each and every one of them passes a message, and the messages are bound to leave an impact on my mind, and I'm sure these messages are fast-track tickets to a brighter and better future. I still remember the first day I attended this course. It was something new to me. And I was really thinking that I can't learn anything from this. Before this I have attended numerous motivation courses, but none left an impact on my mind. But then, this course changed my mindset. I realized, the things I've learnt were far more than I expected. There weren't just useful, but also valuable. Through the talks held, the activities planned, the event done, the things I've learnt are so much that I can't even put them in words. I don't really know how the facilitators managed to planned such activities and also pursue their career at the same time, but after some thinking, it's obvious that they put it extra effort to make the course a success. I'm really grateful for them. If it wasn't for them, I think this course would never have existed. Throughout the whole course, I'm grateful to all the facilitators. Let me see if I remember all your names: Dr. Wong, Sharon Ng, Chee Wen, Yen Yen, Katherine, Keat Hor, Jian Ming, William and Joe. (If I missed out anyone, extremely sorry!) But I like to say extra thanks to Dr. Wong, Sharon and Chee Wen. Three of them accompanied us throughout the entire course, and also aided us in learning. It's not easy planning the course, and I know no matter how many thanks won't make up for the time they spent on the preparation, but I hope that they understand that I'm extremely grateful. Everyone is looking for the key to a brighter future, and I think this course the key to my first lock for the path to a better future. I'm grateful and I learnt a lot. Hope that First Penguin comes up with some more courses, and let them be tickets to not just me, but everyone's brighter future.